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Soil Sampling Soil Gas Sampling Groundwater Sampling In-Situ Remediation

The Primary services InterPhase offers are as follows:

-Soil Gas Surveying

Including: Soil gas sampling and on site analysis for VOC's, BTEX, TPH, H2S and Methane.

-Mobile Laboratory Analyses

-Direct-Push Geoprobe services

-Vapor Well and Ambient Air Monitoring

-Remediation Monitoring and Pilot Testing

Interphase Fleet

Our capabilities for field sampling include:

-Discrete Soil Sampling

-Continuous Coring Soil Sampling

-Groundwater Sampling

-Soil Gas Sampling

Interphase projects include soil sampling for geotechnical engineers and environmental analyses, soil gas sampling and analysis for environmental site mapping, sub-surface sampling and analysis for excavation permitting and other multiple sample projects.

InterPhase can provide sampling only, sampling coupled with on-site analysis, or sampling with custody of transfer to third party laboratories.
Interphase Vehicles on Job