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In-Situ Remediation (Injections)
Molasses Injections

InterPhase is capable of injecting a wide variety of compounds into the subsurface for remediation of contaminated soil groundwater.

InterPhase has specially designed injection tools that are capable of injecting compounds at specific depths in descrete zones at multiple levels.

InterPhase injection systems have check valve assemblies that eliminate any backpressure that may occur while injecting through the drive rod into the formation.

InterPhase injection pumps are capable of delivering 10 gallons per minute of compounds at 700 psi.

InterPhase utilizes a high flow pressure pump to deliver the injection material into the mixing tank which aides in the mixing process.

Other types of In-Situ injection include:

HRC Injections

ORC Injections

Potassium Permanganate (KMn04)

Plus other compounds