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InterPhases's Standard Operating Procedure For Groundwater Sampling

Grab Groundwater Sampling

Inserting a screened sampler to the desired depth in the formation and then exposing the screen collects groundwater. In order to yield groundwater, the screen must be left in place for an undetermined amount of time to allow for groundwater recharge. Groundwater is collected after bailing or purging using 1/4 inch tubing and a check valve.

Groundwater sampling is performed using a Geoprobe Screen Point 15 Groundwater Sampler. The sampler is used to "grab" representative groundwater samples at specific depths.


Screen Point 15 Groundwater Sampler: The assembled sampler is 1.5 inches in diameter x 52 inches overall length. A stainless steel or PVC screen with an exposed screen length of 41 inches is utilized.

A. The assembled Screen Point 15 Groundwater Sampler is driven to the desired sampling depth using standard Geoprobe rods.

B. Extension rods are used to hold the screen in position as the Casing Puller Assembly is used to retract the rods 4 feet (1.2m).

C. The tubing check valve can be used to sample and measure NAPLs within the screeninterval as well as sample groundwater. The screen sheath forms a mechanical annular seal above the screen interval.

D. Abandonment grouting can be conducted to meet AS TM requirements. A high pressure grout pump is used to pump grout into the borehole as the screen and rods are extracted using the Casing Puller Assembly.


The prepacked screens are available in 3-foot sections that have an outside diameter of 1..5 inches (38mm) and an inside diameter of 0.5 inches (12.7mm). The inner component of the prepacked screen consists of 0.5-inch Schedule 80 PVC with 0.01-inch (0.25-mm) slots. The outer components of the screen is stainless steel wire mesh with a pore size of 0.011 inches (0.28 mm). The screens are prepacked with 20/40 grade silica sand.